Diamonds Are Forever

In Uncategorized on February 25, 2014 at 12:19 am

Tonight is the night I kept myself from going to bed to blog for the reason people get into blogging. Not the people that get into blogging hoping to become famous and have a movie made out of their attempts to cook through Julia Child’s cookbook or something like that (great movie, by the way), but the people that just need an outlet. I was literally in bed, lights and glasses off, about to lay my head on the pillow, when I thought to myself (among the other things that I will share in this post): “I have to get this off my chest somehow. But wait, I have a blog. Hmm…”

So there I was tonight, catching up on my shows from last night, Shameless and Looking, – those are two show titles; although “Shameless and Looking” would be a pretty good title for a show as well – when I started to examine my life. Why does watching a show about people that live lives completely unlike our own make us feel bad? I mean, I don’t want to be a latchkey kid on drugs trying to dodge my alcoholic father who’s dying of liver failure or a 40 year-old gay man in San Francisco attempting to open a restaurant, but god damn it at least that’s more exciting than my life. Aren’t TV shows, movies, books, most things in life there to distract you from yourself for a while? Thinking about nothing sure as hell gets me to thinking about a lot – feeling down on myself for being 24, living at home, working a job I pretty well dislike, being SINGLE with no immediate hope of escape…did I mention I’ll be 25 this year?

After pondering all this, what’s the logical thing to do? Apparently, it’s to buy yourself a freaking candle with a “diamond” ring in it like I just did. Why? I don’t know, do you? Why do so many people want them? Why are they everywhere? Maybe I bought one in the hopes of finding out what the hype is all about; maybe I did it because I know they’re probably worthless and I want to tell people about my disappointing experience every time I see someone else post on Facebook about wanting one. Oh well, I guess we’ll find out when it gets here in 10-15 days, because that’s a realistic shipping period these days apparently.

Diamonds are forever. Are they all I need to please me? The only thing that feels like forever in my life are my student loans. (I got post-grad jokes, what of it?) Ramble, ramble, I’m done.sweety-pea


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